Gurudwara Mata Jit Kaur Sahib

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib's first wife Mata Jit Kaur died at Anandpur Sahib on December 5,1700. She was cremated in the outskirts of Chakk-Nanaki in the boundary of the village of Agamgarh. Some one constructed a platform at the site where she had been cremated. Later, a Gurdwara was built by the Sikhs.

Gurudwar Jito Ji, built within a half-acre enclosure just outside Agampura village, about 2 km northwest of Anandpur marks the site where the body ofMataJitoJi, wife of Guru Gobind Singh, was cremated in December 1700. The present three-storeyed domed building was completed in 1972. The 4-metre square sanctum marked off by four pillars is in the middle of the square hall on the ground floor. The fluted lotus dome on top of the building has a gold-plated pin-nacle and a gilded khan da as finial.