Gurudwaras in Netherlands

Gurudwaras in Netherlands (Nederland, Holland)

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Ottergracht 6,
3064, Kralingseveer,
Phone No:(+31) 10 4422075

*From Rotterdam Central Station, bus 98 to Kappelsebrug.Change to bus 34 to Kralingsveer. Step off at bus stop called "Elandstraat".

**From Rotterdam Blaak Station, metro to Kappelsebrug,
direction Zevenkamp, and then bus 34.
The second, by metro, which runs every 15 min, is better. Bus 98 runs hourly.

Gurudwara Vereninging Shri Guru Singh Sabha
Lange Lombardstraat 34-36,
2512, 's-Gravenhage (Den Haag - The Hague),
Phone No:(+31) 70 3805115

Granthi: Bhai Surinder Singh Ji
The Gurdwara of the Hague is looking for a new premises, the address will be kept updated.
From Den Haag Central Station, bus to take is 122, 123, 125, 126, 136, or 139.
or tram 2, 6, or 25. From Voorburgstation use tram 10.
Step off point for all buses/trams is Brouwersgracht.

Guru Ram Das Ashram
Den Texstraat 46 hs,
1017, Amsterdam,
Phone No:(+31) 32-57-22 85 82
Phone No:(+31) 32-57-20 58 80

from Central Station take tram 4 and get off at Frederiksplein.

Shri Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib
Schakelstraat 21,
1014, Amsterdam,
Phone No:(+31) 6-10813044

Can be reached via public transport as follows:
* Via Metro coming from Gein (no. 50)
Step out at the end stop being Isolatorweg. From here it's 5 about min. walking distance to schakelstraat.
* From Amstel train station
Take tram no. 12 or bus 15 and step out at Haarlemmerweg. From here it is about 10 min. walking distance to the new Gurdwara.
* From Amsterdam Central
Take bus 36, 46 or 48 and step out at the stop Kabelweg. This is close to schakelstraat.

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Sahib
Brongouw 57,
1352, Almere Haven,

Contact: Granthi 06-11440832
From Almere-Stad central station take bus 1-3
From Amsterdam - from Amstel station take bus 157
- from AMC take bus 158
From Bussum take bus 151.
All busses stop at de Gouwen, where the Gurdwara is.